iTOOLco’s Strut Mount System

Who doesn’t hate using spring nuts? Strut installations are 2x faster with iTOOLco’s Strut Mount System. Our new Strut Mount makes joining two struts together a snap. Adding cross members to strut structures or building new structures is simple. Determine the height of the cross strut, then install the bracket at that mark & you’re done. Where existing spring nuts can slide out of place, making alignment of hardware a tedious task. The iTOOLco strut mount utilizes a “Stud Mount System” that places all the load between the welded stud of the bracket and the slot of the strut for easy & precise placement of cross members. The Strut Mount has a load rating up to 750 lb per unit when using pins and up to 1,200 lb per unit when using 3/8” bolts.

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