Klein Tools® Introduces Locknut Wrench Set for Easier Access to Tight Spaces

Klein Tools, for professionals since 1857, introduces the Locknut Wrench Set, designed with an exclusive offset bend that is perfect for tightening and loosening locknuts in tight spaces.

Locknut Wrench Set (Cat. No. 50900R)

  • Set features opposing offset bends allowing for access to difficult-to-reach locknuts
  • Three wrenches included for most used conduit sizes: 1/2-Inch, 3/4-Inch and 1-Inch
  • Two internal magnets on each wrench hold the set together for easy storage
  • The slim alloyed steel design allows for access when space is limited
  • Each wrench is a different color and marked to easily identify size
  • Hooked tip latches on locknut for ultimate turn leverage
  • Steel design is corrosive resistant and durable

“Klein Tools’ new Locknut Wrench Set is designed to make loosening and tightening locknuts in tight spaces much easier for trade professionals,” says Tye Parker, product manager at Klein Tools. “The three-wrench set features the most used conduit sizes, all different colors and marked to easily identify, and have internal magnets to hold the set together for easy storage.”

For more information, visit www.kleintools.com