KOHLER Unveils Electrically Operated Transfer Switches

Line of electrically operated bypass-isolation transfer switches features advanced, single-touch controls

KOHLER Power Systems, a leader in energy solutions and part of the Kohler Co. Power Group, proudly announces a new line of electrically operated bypass-isolation transfer switches that are designed to interface with KOHLER generators and paralleling switchgear. The new line of electrically operated bypass-isolation transfer switches, available as standard (KAS) and programmed (KAP) transition configurations, features advanced, single-touch controls allowing users to transfer critical loads between power sources.

“This advanced line of electrically operated transfer switches offers touch button bypass control and fits seamlessly within our total system integration package,” said Jennifer Schnelle, senior market analyst, KOHLER Power Systems. “Bypass-isolation transfer switches are commonly used in hospitals, data centers, and other critical applications where interruption of power for service or maintenance can’t be tolerated.”

On the main front panel of the transfer switch is a series of status indicators and controls. Bypass and isolation status features include high visibility alarm and operating mode indicators, as well as a simple one-line diagram indicating real-time switch and bypass status to minimize potential human errors. Single-touch bypass controls ensure smooth and easy transfer of loads, and LED lights indicate permitted and restricted operations.

Bypass isolation is used to transfer power to the manual switch to allow servicing of the ATS while maintaining power to the facility. When the primary automatic transfer switch is in test or isolate position, the manual transfer switch is powering the loads. The new line also features single-button bypass operation and manual engine start controls, and a handle to manually connect and isolate the transfer switch for inspection, testing or service. In addition, as a safeguard it provides emergency transfer capability if the primary switch mechanism is removed or disabled.

The electrically operated transfer switches are available with the KOHLER-designed Decision-Maker® MPAC 1500 controller that offers complete programming and viewing capability at the door using a keypad and LCD display. This controller offers a myriad of features, including communications, programmable inputs and outputs, load management and other advanced functions.

For information, visit kohlerpower.com.