Legrand Announces 50A Turnlok Plugs and Connectors

The 50A Turnlok Plugs and Connectors offer a faster, safer, and more reliable solution for installing and securing connections, making them perfect for challenging environments and tight deadlines. This not only boosts productivity but also cuts down on labor costs in temporary power applications.

Key features & benefits of the 50A Turnlok Plugs and Connectors Include:

  • Adjustable Cord Clamp: Located outside the back body for greater flexibility to accommodate a wider range of cord sizes 8AWG- 4AWG. Clamp screws are on the same plane for faster installation. Longer screws are included to adjust for larger cables.
  • Same-Plane Hex Head Terminations: Hex head termination design for faster, easier and safer terminations that allow more torque to be applied without the risk of harmful screwdriver slips. All termination screws on the same plane for a more accurate and streamlined installation that saves you precious time on the job.
  • Industrial-Strength Brass Alloy Plug Blades and Connector Contacts: Resist heat rise and provide excellent conductivity.
  • Nylon 66 Shell Material: Durable impact and corrosion-resistant material that ensures high performance even in the toughest environments.
  • External Cord Grips: New design provides visible assurance of safe and proper cord retention.
  • Integral Flexible Rubber Cord Grommet: Conforms to and seals around SO cord to provide ample protection from oils, water or chips entering the wiring chamber.

For more information, visit www.legrand.com