Legrand Launches PlugTail Line Extension

PlugTail® with XHHW-2 Wire, Ideal for Isolated Power Areas

PlugTail® has expanded its range to include the XHHW-2 wire as well as orange connector heads. These enhancements are ideal for applications banning PVC wire and also for healthcare applications where sensitive electronic equipment is used. The device’s orange connector head makes identifying isolated circuits during rough in and replacement easy while the plugtail allows for a fast and safe installation with no mistakes — regardless of installer skill level.

  • PlugTail Single Receptacle: Tailored for high-powered appliances, offering both NEC® compliant tamper-resistant and standard designs to accommodate future changeouts.
  • PlugTail with XHHW-2: Specifically designed for isolated power areas, equipped with orange connector heads for simplified identification of isolated ground circuits.

Each factory-terminated PlugTail device offers both consistent and easy installation, ensuring future-proofing. Keyed UL-Listed connectors snap effortlessly into the device, eliminating wire hassles and allowing electrical contractors to save time. They are finger-safe with no exposed terminals, no taping required, and install up to 5 times faster than traditional devices. Featuring large brass terminal blades, ultrasonically welded polycarbonate connector housing, corrosion-resistant steel strap, impact-resistant nylon face, and a built-in auto-ground clip for positive grounding.

For more information, visit www.legrand.us