Luminus Releases MP-5050-250R High-Performance Mid-Power LEDs

Luminus Devices recently announced the launch and immediate availability of a new high efficacy family of 5050 Mid-Power LEDs designed with sulfur resistance for high-performance and long-term reliability in outdoor lighting and horticulture applications. These new MP-5050-250R high-performance LEDs provide low thermal resistance, up to 185 lumens/Watt, high PPF/W, and CRI options of 70, 80 and 90 minimum. In addition, they are compatible with automatic placement equipment and are RoHs and REACH compliant. Customers who are listing their products with DLC can leverage the MP-5050-250R series 17,000 hour LM-80 report under a wide range of operating conditions. These MP-5050 Mid Power LEDs allow illumination engineers and designers to develop lighting solutions with maximum efficacy, brightness, and overall quality.

What makes the MP-5050-250R stand out from other 5050 LEDs? Tom Jory, VP of Illumination Marketing, highlights “Our customers are turning to 5050s to replace multiple 3030s in horticulture or to replace 3535 die-on-ceramic LEDs in outdoor applications. The 250R series, with sulfur resistance and best-in-class efficacy, is now our flagship in the 5050 line, which we will continue to expand with more voltage options in the near future.”

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