Megger Donates 30 Digital Multimeters to Johnson County High School Seniors Upon Graduation

Students in the school’s Construction Department benefit from the donation

Megger recently donated 30 digital multimeters to graduating high school seniors in the Construction Department at Johnson County High School (JCHS), located in Mountain City, Tennessee. The AVO830 digital Trms multimeter offers a voltage range up to 1000V Trms and is designed to reduce the need for additional auxiliary instrumentation, like phase rotation detectors and non-contact voltage wands.

Many of the students who received the tester will continue their education either at local vocational schools or universities to pursue careers in electrical engineering. According to Lee Cole, construction instructor at JCHS, “Having the AVO830 in their toolbox to start on their post high school graduation journey is a big help. Not only will it get plenty of use both inside and outside of the classroom, but also having one less expense when starting out is always a welcomed surprise.”

Before graduation, Lee introduced the AVO830 to his students during class. He demonstrated the unit’s various test functions, important safety features, as well as compared it to competitor models. “I showed them what I like most about the unit compared to other multimeters, including its no contact voltage, its phase rotation checker and its temperature reading feature. I like that the AVO830 is three different meters all rolled into one,” he said.

The AVO830 digital multimeter is the next generation of meters designed for use by professional electricians, technicians, ser- vice personnel and engineers. This compact tester is well-built and offers high reliability. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including maintenance of electrical applica- tions and equipment, white goods service and electrical utilities.

“I can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate what Megger is doing for these kids,” said Cole. “Many of them are going to school for electrical next, and this gives them a huge step-up.”

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