MENNEKES CDS Series is the Industry’s First Non-Metallic, Curved-Top Motor Disconnect Switch

MENNEKES, a global provider of electrical products and services, has recently released its new CDS Series of non-metallic, curved-top motor disconnect switches. The clean, innovative design features a curved profile to eliminate standing water and minimize contaminant buildup in food processing and other cleanroom operating environments.

In addition to its curved profile, the CDS Series features a chemically resistant thermoplastic enclosure with UL Type 4X and IP69K ratings, making it resistant to frequent high-pressure washdown. Its highly visible handle is lockout-tagout (LO/TO) compliant, while its 30A 25HP rating can satisfy most line disconnect requirements. The CDS Series is NSF-certified for food processing areas.

Other notable features and benefits include:

  • Laser marking for permanent identification—no labels
  • Captive stainless-steel cover screws
  • Poured-in-place seamless gasket
  • Standard early-break auxiliary contacts—1 N/O, 1 N/C
  • “Suitable as Motor Disconnect” per NEC 430-109(a)(6)
  • 65,000 SCCR rating with Class J Fuse
  • Impact modified and UV stabilized materials

For applications not requiring a curved design, MENNEKES’ new DS Series incorporates many of the same features as the CDS Series, but its flat roof allows for top and bottom conduit. Both series feature two mounting systems: internal sealed caps to the current MENNEKES footprint, as well as external feet that are compatible with HBLDS3 and HBLDS3AC.

The new CDS and DS Series are part of MENNEKES’ larger offering of motor disconnect switches, which provide plant personnel with a reliable and safe means to service power in a harsh operating environment.

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