Milwaukee® Introduces First M18™ Rotary Lasers and Accessories

Milwaukee Tool continues to drive innovation within the layout category with the launch of three new M18™ Rotary Lasers and two new accessories. These M18™ Rotary Lasers are impact protected with the ability to withstand 1-1⁄2 meter drops and 2-meter tripod tips and provide a simplified setup for users.

“Milwaukee Tool is building on our commitment to the laser category by expanding into the rotary laser space and delivering best-in-class solutions for our users,” said Kenan McCutcheon, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “The M18™ Red Exterior Rotary Laser, M18™ Red Dual Slope Rotary Laser, and M18™ Green Interior Rotary Laser are designed to provide improved productivity and efficiency while being fully compatible with over 250+ solutions.”

  • M18™ Red Exterior Rotary Laser
  • M18™ Red Dual Slope Rotary Laser
  • M18™ Green Interior Rotary Laser
  • M18™ Rotary Laser Accessories (Tripod and Wall Mount)

Milwaukee expands the rotary laser category lineup with the new rotary laser tripod and wall mount. With a durable aluminum design, the Milwaukee rotary laser tripod withstands more impacts and tips on the jobsite. The smoother height adjustment allows the legs to be quickly adjusted and delivers an easier setup in any environment. The rotary wall mount provides the fastest mounting with a single dial setup and mounting capability on flat, vertical, or horizontal materials.

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