Milwaukee’s Made in the USA Cutting Pliers

Hand Tools play an essential role in a professional electrician’s daily efficiency, safety, and productivity, helping them accomplish many of their foundational tasks around the jobsite. These tools receive extensive use throughout an electrician’s career, driving the importance of quality and reliability in a professional’s hand tool investment. Tools such as pliers, wire strippers, and crimpers are all basic hand tools electricians have used for decades. Despite the heavy use and high demands of these products, many of these solutions have seen little innovation over time. However, some manufacturers have worked to integrate continuing technology with certain advancements and improvements in design and manufacturing to make some of today’s hand tools more versatile, easier to use, and more durable. These updates start with a focus on electricians, learning about their challenges and needs.

Spending countless hours in the field conducting research alongside professionals, Milwaukee® has worked to reinvent traditional hand tools to bring best-in-class solutions back to users. While these solutions may look the same, significant time investments have been made to truly understand problems with existing solutions, take user feedback, and create a better solution. Through this investment, the common pain points and frustrations shared among professionals were factored into the product development process to guarantee Milwaukee’s new cutting solutions would fit a user’s needs and outlast the demands of a job site.

Performance and Durability

More and more is being demanded from electricians. To keep up with these growing demands, more is required of their tools in both performance and durability. Professional users need tools that offer improved performance to make their work easier and safer. More durable tools allow users to stay on the job rather than having to track down a replacement for a damaged or broken tool. Purchasing durable hand tools from a trusted manufacturer ensures professionals can stay efficient and productive on the job.

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