Model 15KVPSet Voltage Probes

Summit Technology’s model 15KVPSet voltage probes allow connecting PowerSight power analyzers directly to 3-phase voltages up to 15 kilovolts. Normally, professionals who wish to measure 12,470 volt lines need to locate or install a PT (potential transformer) in order to monitor medium voltages. The 15KVPSet allows direct connection of medium voltages to PowerSight analyzers. Shown with optional hot sticks, the 15KVP has shepherd hooks for hanging on bare cable, taping or bolting to bus bar, or any other connection that is needed. The 15KVPSet comes disassembled in its own compact canvas carrying case.
The probes may be purchased singly and with or without hot sticks. For 4160V motors, we recommend the more compact 5KVP. These voltage probes must be used with the PowerSight® line of Energy Analyzers, manufactured by Summit Technology Inc.

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