New battery tester from Megger tests lead acid batteries, NiCD batteries and lithium-ion batteries to 200Vdc

The BITE5 can perform impedance testing on cells up to 200 V

Megger now offers a battery tester that can assess lead acid batteries, NiCD batteries, and lithium-ion batteries up to 200Vdc. The BITE5 is ideal for use in transmission and distribution substations, solar, UPS maintenance, telecom and data center applications.

Test and measurement

This new handheld tester can measure and record AC voltage up to 600 V, DC voltage up to 1000 V, voltage ripple, DC current, AC current, as well as temperature. It can also perform impedance testing, which helps to identify a failing battery, on cells up to 200 V.

Discharge Testing

The BITE5 can be used in place of a battery voltage monitor (BVM) to support discharge testing. It measures and records voltage, DC current, impedance, and temperature of each cell throughout the entire discharge process. It also reduces set-up time and eliminates the concern of dips falling off the cell.

Additional Testing Capabilities

Measuring and recording the output of solar cells and solar combiner boxes up to 1000 V DC is also possible when using this new unit.

The BITE5 features a color touchscreen. All historical trended data can be viewed on the unit. By using a USB or a micro-SD card, all data is able to be recorded and transferred to PowerDB software to create custom reports. The BITE5 meets the requirements of IEC61010, CE, and CAT IV at 600 V.

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