New Fixed Blade Precision Drivers from Klein Tools® Perfect for Tight Spaces

Klein Tools for professionals since 1857, introduces Precision Fixed Blade Screwdrivers, with narrow blades for work in tight spaces and low clearance areas, to get the job done when precision is key.

Precision Screwdriver Set, Slotted, Phillips, and TORX® 8-Piece (Cat. No. 85617)

  • Precision Screwdrivers feature rotating caps for optimum and precise control
  • Screwdrivers have color coded rings and hot stamped cap markings to effortlessly spot each tip type
  • Cushion-Grip handles for maximum comfort when working on small equipment
  • Over-sized cap markings for quick identification of tip size
  • Heat treated and precision-machined tips for greater strength

“Given the wide range of places that professionals have to work, they can often find that spaces are too tight or low clearance to fit traditional drivers,” says Adriana Facchina, associate product manager at Klein Tools. “The new Precision Fixed Blades Screwdrivers feature narrow blades to easily get into these tight spaces, plus the drivers are heat- treated for maximum strength, and precision-machined for strength. On top of that, the drivers have color coded rings and hot stamped cap markings making it easy to distinguish between tip types. The caps also rotate for greater control when working on small fasteners.”

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