OmniMax LED Retrofit

The OmniMax is the perfect fit when updating decorative streetlights to LED. Emulating the burn center and size of HID bulbs the OmniMax utilizes existing fixture optics as intended. A matte finish, molded silicone optic eliminates LED ‘points’ and glare. Built-in smart features, such as Photocontrol Failsafe, which guarantees dusk-till-dawn operation should the fixture photocontrol fail, plus dimming via ConnectLED, Evluma’s wireless mobile app, puts the OmniMax in a class of its own when it comes to retrofits. For use in teardrop, post top, shoebox or globes, the OmniMax installs in any orientation: base up, base down or horizontal; mogul or medium base socket. Need to update your decorative fixtures as well? Evluma’s Build-Your-Own Acorn product line offers curated and customizable globes, capitals and shields. The OmniMax is offered in 40 or 70 watts and six CCT: 2000K – 5000K. 10-year warranty. 100W OmniMax Coming Soon!

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