Polywater® BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive

Polywater Bonduit is a UL recognized component for creating strong, watertight, and airtight bonds with HDPE conduit.

Polywater® BonDuit® is recognized by UL for indoor and outdoor use. It complies with the requirements of Polymeric Materials for use in Electrical Equipment. BonDuit is tested under CCN QOQW2 using UL Method 746A.

Bonduit joins polyethylene duct (PE pipe) to PVC, fiberglass, and metal conduits. This product offers a superior, easy-to-apply alternative to joining conduits using mechanical couplings. The rapid-cure, two-part resin adhesive forms a strong watertight and airtight seal and helps you to meet the NEC 353 code for transitioning above ground and to PVC or galvanized rigid steel.

Polywater BonDuit® XL provides an excellent option for 3-inch (75 mm) conduits and larger The XL version comes in a larger package and allows a longer work time.

All adhesive kit types deliver a durable bond that can withstand movement and vibration, and are ideal for installation along roadsides or near electrical equipment like transformers or switchgear.

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