PVC Driver for Joining PVC SCh40 Conduits in a Prefab Setting

PVC Driver Catalog numbers
Catalog number PVCD-100-125-150.

1 thru 1.50 inch sizes
PVCD-200-250-300. 2 thru 3 inch sizes
PVCD 350-400. 3.50 thru 4 inch sizes
PVCD 500 5 inch size
PVCD 600 6 inch size
PVCD 800 8 inch size

Assemble PVC conduits on a duct bank lighting fast in a prefab setting or by trench side using PVC Driver with a power hammer drill. Lightweight, made of aluminum. Multiple sizes on one tool allows ease of use by eliminating changing different sizes. Just hammer drill PVC Driver entering the proper size conduit id and push it to join 2 pieces of 10 ft Pvc conduit in a matter of seconds. Safer to use because is lightweight. Each prefab shop must use this tool for safer, faster, better jobs. Made in USA.

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