QwikBlock Box Support

CATALOG # QBBS-25/38 (for 1⁄4” or 3/8” threaded rod application)
CATALOG# QBBS-50 (for 1⁄2” threaded rod application)

Works with all conduit and box support plates for easy and fast installation.

  1. Made of Almag 535 aluminum material.
  2. Accepts 4” square, 4×11/16” square or 5” square boxes
  3. Automatically centers rod entering box.
  4. All you need is one Nut to lock rod in place.
  5. Eliminates 2 washers,1 nut and knockout of center KO on back of box.
  6. Install it with or without plate on box .
  7. Saves a hand injury or carpal tunnel during prefab installation by limiting hand exposure securing rod to box.
  8. Extremely fast, accurate installation every time.
  9. Saves more than 15 MINUTES per INSTALLATION.

Block is threaded to receive either 1⁄4” or 3/8” threaded rod by allowing limited amount of inventory needed of nuts and bolts for either application. One block works for both 1⁄4” or 3/8” rod application. Made in USA

For more information, visit www.spproducts.com.