Rocket Rack releases Rocket Rod

NSF certified All thread rod with FDA-compliant encasement for clean, professional hygienic installations

Rocket Rack, a unit of Robroy Industries and manufacturer of sanitary support system for electrical and mechanical installations, has released Rocket Rod all thread rod with FDA-compliant encasement for supporting or fastening in applications where hygienic installation is desired or required. NSF certified to NSF standard 14159-1 provides evidence of compliance to the rigors of the NSF standard, successful completion of product review and testing, and continuous compliance through periodic audits, providing installers and facility owners peace of mind.

Rocket Rod is available in 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” & 3/4” diameter rod in zinc-plated steel or 304 stainless materials and 6’ and 12’ lengths to meet the needs of a broad range of hygienic fastening or support applications.

Ideal for use in regulated facilities where hygiene and avoidance of exposed threads is desired. Typical applications include use in food & beverage facilities, pharmaceuticals, and process plants.

Installation is quick and easy. The installer simply cuts the Rocket Rod to length, if necessary. Then, using a utility knife, strips away the required amount of FDA-compliant encasement to reveal the precise amount of threads needed for installation.

No on-site threading of rod saves time and substantially reduces the danger of product contamination, while increasing on-the-job safety.

Rocket Rod is available from factory stock.

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