The IMPULSE PHASER was originally developed in the early 1950’s to increase personnel safety when working on paper insulated, lead covered cables. Since its introduction, the IMPULSE PHASER has been used safely and reliably by electric utilities throughout the U.S. on solid dielectric cables and paper insulated, lead covered feeders in excess of 20 miles and even on submarine cable 300 feet underwater. Because safety is most important, the IMPULSE PHASER is designed to operate only if the cable circuit to which it is connected has been shorted and grounded. Also, the transmitted signal cannot be imposed on any other cable in the circuit. The IMPULSE PHASER promotes safe, positive identification of cables. The IMPULSE PHASER is designed and built to withstand the normal use generally associated with linemens’ tasks. Because the IMPULSE PHASER is well constructed, you get an instrument which is economical to purchase and maintain, providing years of reliable service.

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