TRIO Power Supplies with Integrated Circuit Breaker

Plug-and-play solution for the control cabinet

The TRIO Power 24 V power supply from Phoenix Contact features a space-saving design, easy handling, and smart diagnostic functions. Output currents range from 5 to 40 A. The line includes options with an integrated multichannel circuit breaker.

The power supplies’ narrow overall width saves space, making it possible to mount them directly, side by side. The low overall depth enables installation in 210 mm small housings. Push-in connection technology, marking fields, stripping identification, and tamper-proof setting make the TRIO easy to install and handle. The devices have an intuitive commissioning concept for quick deployment.

In addition, the power supplies have several diagnostic options. The multicolor LEDs and a collective relay contact signal important states, such as DC OK, overload, and short circuit. An optional IO-Link interface is available for diagnostics and parameterization. With up to 960 W output power in 1 AC and 3 AC versions, the power supply is suitable for drive technology. The dynamic boost (150 percent for five seconds) also enables difficult loads to be started. With the powerful output characteristic curve, even capacitive loads can be charged without any problems. The optional built-in electronic circuit breaker offers high system availability.

The power supplies with integrated multichannel circuit breaker are rated for NEC Class II and Class I, Division 2 applications.

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