Twist. Click. Screw. Done. PlugTail® Wiring Devices

Future-proof your projects with PlugTail® Wiring Devices. They install 5x faster than conventional wiring devices and are easy to swap out, change and upgrade. Perfect for any commercial wiring installation, make the switch for an efficient and cost-effective way to address a building’s electrical requirements today and tomorrow.

Factory-terminated devices and connectors mean that device installation is the same regardless of skill level of the installer. The UL-Listed connectors are keyed to ensure proper wiring installation into each receptacle. The connector simply snaps into the back of the device —no fussing with wires, stripping, or tightening screws. PlugTail devices are finger safe with no exposed terminals, so taping is not required. Now device installation is a snap!

The toughest and safest decorator receptacle available.

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