Type LAFG Liquatite® Flexible Conduit

Electri-Flex Company offers Liquatite® flexible electrical conduit Type LAFG, now with an improved PVC jacketing. These enhancements include a food processing blue color, a wider temperature range, and now antimicrobial. Food Grade type LAFG provides a flexible liquidtight protective wiring raceway, ideal for Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Bottling Equipment installations.

The food processing blue jacketing has grown in popularity as it provides high visibility for fast moving machinery and operations. Blue coloring is an added safety feature, as manufacturers can easily spot the blue color if fragments break off and get into the product.

The antimicrobial flexible PVC jacketing contains a biocide additive, inhibiting the growth of commonly known food pro-cessing microbes, such as E. coli, listeria, and salmonella, and even shows a reduction of these microbes over a 24-hour period.

Type LAFG also has a new wider temperature range, -30°C through 105°C, ideal for installations near heat-producing food equipment.

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