Universal Douglas Lighting Americas Releases New EVERLINE CDL Series of LED Commercial Downlights

EVERLINE family of LED luminaires now offers a dimmable downlight with installation-friendly, selectable CCT and Wattage options

Universal Douglas Lighting Americas (UDLA), a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures, retrofit solutions, and intelligent lighting control systems, has released its EVERLINE CDL series of LED Commercial Downlights. These new luminaires offer flexible recessed lighting options for commercial buildings.

Available in three sizes—6”, 8”, and 9.5”—the CDL Downlights deliver robust, long-lasting performance with a sleek appearance. The CDL Downlights are an excellent choice for office reception areas, corridors, lobbies, conference rooms, and private offices.

Each size of the CDL Downlights comes with three different selectable light output options and selectable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) options of 3000k, 3500k, or 4000k. The luminaires are also dimmable, offering 0-10V LED dim control with dimming to 5%. These features make this one of the most flexible commercial downlight series on the market today.

“We are continuing to expand our EVERLINE portfolio of LED products with the release of the Commercial Downlight. Our goal, as always, is to deliver greater innovation and more choice for customers, as they create modern lighting experiences in commercial environments,” said Chris Holstein, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at UDLA. “The selectable CCT and Wattage make the LED Commercial Downlight easier to install and eliminates the need to have a wide array of lighting inventory on hand.” All EVERLINE luminaires come with a five-year limited warranty, backed by more than 75 years of experience and innovation in reliable analytics, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

For more information, visit unvlt.com