Universal Douglas Lighting Americas Releases Next Generation of EVERLINE Round High Bay Luminaire

EVERLINE RHB offers slimmer, lighter construction and a wider va- riety of wattage, lumens, and lens options for today’s commercial building environments

Universal Douglas Lighting Americas (UDLA), a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures, retrofit solutions, and intelligent lighting control systems, has released a new generation of its EVERLINE Round High Bay (RHB) luminaire. The new luminaire offers robust, modern lighting for industrial buildings with more flexibility in brightness and controls.

RHB fixtures have only one contact point with the ceiling, making them one of the easiest high bays to install in commercial buildings and industrial settings. The beam they spread allows for powerful illumination, improving visibility and safety. The UDLA EVERLINE RHB is an excellent choice for open areas, like factories, warehouses, grocery and wholesale retailers, and even aircraft hangars.

With three wattage options (100, 150, and 2000W) and delivered Lumens from 14,000 to 28,000, the EVERLINE RHB demonstrates UDLA’s commitment to innovation and flexibility across its product portfolio. It also offers a lighter, improved aluminum alloy heatsink and both 60 and 120-degree lens options. A center-mounted Microwave sensor is available for field installation.

“The EVERLINE RHB has been one of our top sellers due to its versatile, long-lasting design. With this new generation, we are delivering even more innovation and choice to our commercial lighting customers,” said Chris Holstein, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at UDLA. “The new RHB shows that high bay lighting can be more modern, but still deliver the robust performance needed in commercial and industrial environments.”

All EVERLINE luminaires come with a five-year limited warranty, backed by more than 75 years of experience and innovation in reliable analytics, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

For more information, visit unvlt.com.