WTA Series Adjustable LED Wallpack from Barron Lighting Group

Barron Lighting Group, the parent company to Trace-Lite indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial lighting, announces the addition of the WTA Series adjustable LED wallpack.

“Barron Lighting Group is thrilled to announce the newest lighting solution to our product family – the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) PREMIUM Qualified WTA Series adjustable LED wallpack. The WTA’s unique hinged back box isolates drivers from LEDs allowing for easy access to drivers as well as includes three conduit entry points, one on the top of

the fixture and two on the sides. The housing can be adjusted in 10° increments from 0° to 90° for forward throw, ideal for illuminating retail entryways, schools, medical complexes, commercial buildings, and multi-family properties,” said Heather McCune, Vice President, Sales Operations of Barron Lighting Group.

The WTA Series features a slim, compact, energy-efficient adjustable wallpack
in lumen packages ranging from 3600 lumens to over 10,500 lumens and includes Type III distribution pointing down. This adjustable wallpack allows the user to aim and set the fixture from 0° (pointing down) up to 90°, allowing for light to be aimed where it is needed. The WTA has efficacies up to 133 LPW and provides over 70% energy savings compared to HID technology.

For more information, visit barronltg.com.