The SolaHD™ SDU AC-B UPS by Emerson is perfect for mitigating power quality issues, minimizing loss of data and downtime. The SDU AC-B UPS combines a very compact footprint with a wide operation temperature range (0° to 50° C), while offering a network communications option that supports all major industrial protocols. Built rugged for harshRead More


The SolaHD™ SDU DC-B UPS by Emerson helps improve availability of mission-critical devices, while simplifying commissioning, reducing maintenance, and driving down the Total Cost of Ownership across multiple industries. Leveraging microprocessor-based controls, the SolaHD SDU DC-B bridges power to machinery in the event of a brief disruption, as well as allows for safe shutdown ofRead More

Fire-Rated Speaker Cover

The Fire-Rated Speaker Cover is a dome-shaped intumescent enclosure which has been designed to help maintain the integrity of fire-rated ceilings for 60 minutes when using in-ceiling loudspeakers. With the entirety of the enclosure being composed of a proprietary intumescent material, the cover will expand internally 5x in the event of a fire, completely sealingRead More