AEMC® Instruments

AEMC® Instruments with U.S. operations in Dover, NH and Foxborough, MA began operations here in 1976 in downtown Boston. As a legal entity, AEMC is Chauvin Arnoux®, Inc. d.b.a. AEMC® Instruments and is affiliated with Chauvin Arnoux SA in France founded in 1893 and today is still a test and measurement instrument industry leader. Our products are backed by over 125 years of experience in test and measurement equipment, and encompass the latest international standards for quality and safety.

AEMC manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial and utility marketplace. Product reliability, excellent customer support and expert technical assistance are our top priority.

AEMC® is the worldwide industry leading manufacturer of current measurement probes and is an industry leader in ground resistance testers, insulation resistance testers and power quality, and power energy meters and loggers. Our full product line also includes clamp-on meters, ratiometers, power meters, harmonic power meters, data loggers, thermal imagers, lightmeters, oscilloscopes, micro-ohmmeters and numerous other electrical test tools.

Our Megohmmeter line finds its roots in the early 1900s when Chauvin Arnoux introduced its first model made from a galvanometer and a decade resistance box combined with a DC power source. Today, AEMC’s megohmmeters are digital and incorporate many intelligent features. Timers, alarms and variable test voltages are standard features. AEMC has introduced a unique line of professional 1000, 5000, 10,000, and 15,000 volt megohmmeters with added features, such as: data storage; automated tests and results (internal calculations of DAR, PI, DD and other factors); PC Control; and report compliant software.

Our Ground Tester line finds its roots in the early 1930s. A null balance galvanometer, a decade resistance box and a DC power source combined to make one of the first ground testers on the market. Over 20 years ago, AEMC revolutionized the ground testing market by offering clamp-on ground resistance testers, eliminating the need to disconnect the system to test it and eliminating the need for auxiliary rods to do the test. Several generations of improvements and additional features has strengthened AEMC’s position as the industry standard and leader in clamp-on ground resistance testers.

We again led the way in fall-of-potential ground testing with the introduction of an automatic tester in 2006 that automatically locked onto the optimum frequency to test at and calculated all test results for soil resistivity, ground resistance earth coupling and bond resistance, as well as, stored the test data and generated computer reports including fall-of-potential plots. Our latest introduction, a tower test system, again is an innovative design providing the ability to test tower grounding systems without de-energizing them or removing the overhead ground conductor, saving considerable time and money and improving operator safety.

AEMC’s line of current probes has long been the standard for Power Quality analysis with the world leaders in power quality instruments standardizing on these probes for their current measurement source. We also manufacture and sell a wide variety of Power and Power Quality measuring instruments ranging from clamp-on meters to single and three-phase power quality analyzers and digital power meters.

AEMC’s DataView® software designed to configure instruments, run tests, download and store results and generate final reports was added to the product offering in late 1990s. Today DataView® is compatible with our Megohmmeters, Ground Resistance Testers, Micro-Ohmmeters, Power Quality Analyzers, Power and Engery Loggers, Data Loggers and Multimeters, thus offering the user a standard for interface and control to all it’s products eliminating the need to learn new software every time. Additionally, tablet and Smartphone Apps based on the Android platform are now available free of charge for our power, ground and clamp-on products.

In addition to its product offering AEMC offers a one day accredited course in ground resistance testing. The Ground Resistance Testing seminar is designed to give the attendee all the information needed to understand proper sizing and testing of grounding systems. Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on demonstrations, they will learn the various types of ground resistance tests, the proper application for each test and how to correctly operate the equipment used in conducting these tests. In addition, the student will have all the information to conduct ground resistance testing correctly and efficiently, saving them substantial time and money in the future. Classes on Power Quality were added in 2016. Sales and marketing are located in Foxborough, MA while production, product service and NIST calibration are located in Dover, NH. AEMC® products can be purchased through a worldwide network of distributors who can be found on our website at We also offer custom products on an OEM basis.

Visit our website at to get information on our products and services and to get detailed information on attending one of our seminars. AEMC prides itself as your one source for test and measurements instruments and training.