AEMC® Instruments

AEMC® Instruments with U.S. operations in Dover, NH and Foxborough, MA began operations here in 1976 in downtown Boston. As a legal entity, AEMC is Chauvin Arnoux®, Inc. d.b.a. AEMC® Instruments and is affiliated with Chauvin Arnoux SA in France founded in 1893 and today is still a test and measurement instrument industry leader. OurRead More

Creating a Brighter World Since 1987, One Street at a Time

We make your neighborhood and downtown look good. The ultimate source of streetscape solutions, ranging from beautiful decorative street lights, custom street signs, decorative sign posts, outdoor lamp posts, decorative mailboxes and CBUs. We carry a full family of products. Bring visually stunning spaces to life with our energy-efficient luminaires, antique street lamps, courtyard lights,Read More


For over a century, Megger has been synonymous with quality and reliability in portable electrical test equipment. But where did the famous Megger name, a guarded trademark of Megger Group Limited, come from? Back in 1888, electric lighting was growing in popularity. Sidney Evershed was working for Goolden & Trotter, a company with a departmentRead More

Titan LED

Titan LED is a Fortune 500 Manufacturer & OEM specializing in Energy Efficiency and Commercial Grade LED Lighting Solutions right here in America. Entering the space almost 7 years ago, which is a lifetime in the LED space, Titan LED quickly shed its role as an overseas reseller to become an American manufacture who designsRead More