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We make your neighborhood and downtown look good. The ultimate source of streetscape solutions, ranging from beautiful decorative street lights, custom street signs, decorative sign posts, outdoor lamp posts, decorative mailboxes and CBUs. We carry a full family of products.

Bring visually stunning spaces to life with our energy-efficient luminaires, antique street lamps, courtyard lights, custom sign posts, traffic signs, parking signs CBU’s and cast aluminum mailboxes.

Brandon Industries has been at the forefront of enhancing the face of America’s neighborhoods, while retaining their heritage for over 33 years. Our company is headquartered in McKinney, one of the largest areas with historic homes in Texas. With growing demand, we have expanded our offices and production units. Brandon Industries has satisfied customers across the board, in municipalities, residential, and business developments all over the United States.

Sustainable and Thoughtful

LED is one of the often misunderstood components of streetscaping; requiring a thoughtful approach rather than just replacement of fixtures. In outdoor public spaces just retrofitting HID lamps with LED often leads to over lighting. Backlight, up light and glare should be taken into consideration to avoid wastage of light and unwanted glare for drivers as well as pedestrians.

Uncompromising Quality

Not all LEDs are made the same. Low power consumption, higher lumen output and high CRI are the basic requirements. Cheap inferior products are created by cutting corners using low quality materials, poor manufacturing methods, and lower rated components. At Brandon Industries, we stand by our quality.


We understand that as a landscape architect you have several challenges. While designing a private place it could be:

  • Designing appropriate lighting for long and winding driveways, that are difficult to navigate once the sun goes down
  • Creating small spaces that are private yet tasteful

While landscaping public spaces like parks, have a different set of challenges:

  • The need for well lighted areas that make people feel secure
  • An area which is pleasing to the eye and can be used by people of all ages
  • Clean and hygienic

In addition to luminaires and a variety of lamp posts, bases & post tops we also have LED bollards that keep pedestrians safe, a wide range of comfortable park benches to enjoy leisure and trash cans to keep the environment tidy.

We make it easy for you, with all your streetscaping project needs under one roof. Eliminating the inconvenience of you having to reach out to multiple vendors, and waste time and effort in the back and forth communication.

Quick Quotes and Blazing Fast Turnaround

Talk to one of our expert sales representatives if you have a question, want a custom order or want a quote. Our lead times are typically two weeks- as fast as you’ll find in the industry.

Check out our catalog and ask us if we can help you with your project. You’ll love our distinctly Texan, warm hospitality. Please visit our company website at